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Ep 56: Year In Review with Bobby Klinck
As entrepreneurs, one of the most important things we have to do is make time to plan out the things[...]
Ep 55: My Content Strategy with Bobby Klinck
If you’re an online entrepreneur, you’ve probably heard about the importance of developing a content strategy. The question is: what[...]
Ep 54: ADA Compliance on Your Website with Bobby Klinck
Today’s show is a legal-themed episode that’s going to dig into a thorny issue that’s become sort of a hot[...]
Ep 53: Using Video to Promote Your Business with Jason Hsiao
Today we’re going to be talking about a powerful opportunity that entrepreneurs and small business owners tend to miss out[...]
Ep 52: Creating A Content Strategy
Content strategy is where many online entrepreneurs and marketers get lost easily. This week is all about how to create[...]
Ep 51: Building Your Team with Bobby Klinck
As entrepreneurs, it can be tempting to try doing everything ourselves, but the truth is that this is not only[...]
Ep 50: Celebrating What I’ve Learned with Bobby Klinck
This week, I’m taking a break from the “getting started” theme so I can share some key lessons I’ve learned[...]
Ep 49: Building Your Email List with Bobby Klinck
Today we're going to be talking about a subject that any successful online entrepreneur will tell you is absolutely critical[...]
Ep 48: Your Startup Agreement Toolbox with Bobby Klinck
If you’ve listened to me at any point, you’ve probably heard me talk about the power of written agreements. I[...]
Ep 47: How To Structure Your Business The Right Way with Bobby Klinck
Anyone starting a business is bound to make at least a few mistakes along the way, but there’s one thing[...]
Ep 46: 4 Things Every Entrepreneur Needs To “Be” In Order To Succeed with Bobby Klinck
Today’s episode is all about a fundamental concept that so many entrepreneurs miss. We’re going to talk about who you[...]
Ep 45: Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile with Rebecca Vertucci
Today we’re going to be tackling an issue that I have to admit I still struggle with—even after we’ve covered[...]
Ep 44: How Viral Giveaways Will Grow Your Business with David Kelly
When it comes to online business and marketing, growing and getting the word out can be really frustrating and confusing.[...]
Ep 43: Full Frontal Living™ with Lisa Carpenter
Today we’re going to do something a bit different. Instead of talking about business tactics or strategies, this episode is[...]
Ep 42: What I Learned From Hanging with 400 Entrepreneurs with Bobby Klinck
After attending an event this weekend, I decided to change my plan for this episode. I learned 5 really important[...]
Ep 41: Finding Balance in Business Building with Mike Michalowicz
Entrepreneurs are known for being very attached and involved in their business but often this is actually harmful to them[...]
Ep 40: Right to Publicity with Bobby Klinck
The right to publicity, similar to the right to privacy, something that will most likely affect your online business in[...]
Ep 39: Trade Secret Law with Bobby Klinck
When it comes to protecting your work, trade secret law is incredibly important. In this episode, Bobby will be explaining[...]
Ep 038: Copyright Law with Bobby Klinck
In this episode, Bobby is addressing a subject that is often brought up in entrepreneur circles and is extremely important[...]
Ep 037: Website Legal with Bobby Klinck
There are many areas where your website, blog or online presence can become a drag on your business. In this[...]
Ep 036: Written Agreements with Bobby Klinck
Today, Bobby is going to talk about a subject that is near and dear to his heart – written contracts.[...]
Ep 035: Naming Your Business with Bobby Klinck
Choosing the right name can be one of the most important and time-consuming parts of setting up your business, but[...]
Ep 034: Structuring Your Business
Should you form a corporation? If so, what kind? And how do you run your business after creating a legal[...]
Ep 033: Your Legal Checklist with Bobby Klinck
Today, I’m going to do things a little differently. Instead of having a special guest expert on the podcast, this[...]
Ep 032: Copywriting for a Purpose with Tarzan Kay
Copywriting has a huge impact on making a sale so it’s important to go about it in the right way.[...]
Ep 031: How to Use Facebook Ads and Build Sales Funnels That Work with Emily Hirsh
Some of the most valuable marketing tools are at the tips of your fingers but if you don’t know how[...]
Ep 030: Influencer Marketing and Beyond with Cloris Kylie
Influencer marketing is probably one of the most popular forms of marketing right now and for good reason. Today I’ll[...]
Ep 029: Generating Leads To Build Your Business with Tom Poland
Today I’m excited to talk about something that I know a lot of entrepreneurs struggle with: generating leads. We all[...]
Ep 028: Key Lessons Learned From My Recent Launch with Bobby Klinck
This episode is going to be completely different from any I’ve done in the past. Instead of having a guest[...]
Ep 027: Designing Your Life and Business to Work Together with Tom and Ariana Sylvester
One thing that can be very challenging for entrepreneurs is finding a way to design your business and your lifestyle[...]
Ep 026: Charging What You’re Worth with Heather McKay
Today we’re going to be talking about an important subject that so many online entrepreneurs struggle with: charging what you[...]
Ep 025: Developing Your Brand Story with Christie Bilbrey
Today we’re going to be talking about a skill that I think we all too often overlook: storytelling. More specifically,[...]
Ep 024: Content Marketing, Infotainment and Bacon with Brian Basilico
Content marketing is constantly changing and evolving which makes it a difficult but exciting area to be involved in. Brian[...]
Ep 023: Adopting Simplicity with Amy Porterfield
It’s no secret that marketing these days is quite overwhelming, time consuming and chaotic. This is the exact reason why[...]
Ep 022: How to Get Clients Organically Without Paid Advertising with Marc Mawhinney
You don’t have to break the bank if your marketing strategy is on point. Marc Mawhinney joins in on the[...]
Ep 021: Bringing in Top-Level Talent with Pam Wasley
Every entrepreneur needs to learn how to outsource, but equally important is recognizing the areas where they need to bring in[...]
Ep 020: Making It Simple to Grow Your Business with Milana Leshinsky
Today we’re actually going to be talking about two things that are fantastic topics for entrepreneurs: bringing simplicity to your[...]
Ep 019: Building a Website That Converts with Kevin Geary
We all know that any online business needs a website, but too many entrepreneurs make the same big mistakes when[...]
Ep 018: Creating a Content Strategy with Meera Kothand
One thing that tends to hold people back from successfully building a platform and connecting with potential customers is failing[...]
Ep 017: Ways to Make Money from a Blog with Katie Hornor
Many people are leveraging the power of blogs to boost their business and bring in some extra money. Some entrepreneurs[...]
Ep 016: Better Serve Your Customers (and Yourself!) Using Automation Tools with Gavin Zuchlinski
I’m the first to admit that I’m not great at setting up systems and processes in my business, but there[...]
Ep 015: Gaining Visibility and Credibility Through Podcast Guesting with Nicole Holland
Piggybacking off last week’s show about starting your own podcast, today we’re going to talk about another great way to[...]
Ep 014: How to Harness the Power of Podcasting with Stephen Woessner
It’s no secret that podcasts are great educational tools, but did you know that they can also be a great[...]
Ep #013: Creating Multiple Streams of Income with Dorie Clark
There’s a common misconception that entrepreneurs have to be risk takers but, in reality, there are many ways to diversify[...]
Ep 012: Create, Build, and Monetize Relationships Using LinkedIn and Social Selling with Phil Gerbyshak
You’ve probably heard plenty of people stress the importance of building a strong online presence, but what exactly does that[...]
Ep 011: Tips for Creating Effective Systems and Processes in Your Business with Kate Erickson
Are you making the most of your time at work? It's an area that many entrepreneurs could improve on (myself[...]
Ep 010: How to Create a Successful Online Course with Michael Marcial
Do you have what it takes to launch a successful online course? It turns out, doing so isn't as hard[...]
Ep 009: Creating an Authentic Brand Through Storytelling with Michelle Knight
What does it take to create a powerful brand? It’s something every entrepreneur should understand, and yet actually doing it[...]
Ep 008: How to Go From Zero to Six Figures in Revenue in Six Months with Ron Douglas
When it comes to building a business, it can be hard to know where to start. Too often, entrepreneurs end[...]
Ep 007: Creating and Executing Social Media Strategies that Attract Your Dream Clients with Ashley Mason
It can be really difficult to get your name out there and find the right clients in an organic way.[...]
Ep #006: How Public Speaking Skills Add Value to Your Online Platform with Corey Poirier
Public speaking is by far one of the biggest fears entrepreneurs have. In this episode, Corey Poirier joins us to[...]
Ep #005: Using Chatbots and Leveraging Books with Heather Havenwood
Heather Havenwood, a top authority on digital marketing strategy and online business sales joins us on the show to share[...]
Ep #004: Infopreneurship and Hosting Virtual Summits with Bailey Richert
Making the big shift and pivoting from a 9-5 job model to pursue a more flexible and fulfilling career is[...]
Ep #003: The Twitter Secret Sauce with Madalyn Sklar
Some people mistakenly claim that Twitter is a ghost town but Madalyn Sklar proves that those folks are simply doing[...]
Ep #002: Building Your Brand in a Consistent Way and Maximizing the Value with Loren Weisman
Most people think of branding as simply a business title and image but it's much more than that. Loren Weisman[...]
Ep #001: Clear Copy and Web Design with Liz Theresa
Welcome to the first episode of the Online Genius Podcast with Bobby Klinck as your host. This show will focus[...]