Legal Templates For Online Entrepreneurs


Do-It-Yourself Legal Forms

At Your Online Genius, we know that many online entrepreneurs just want to grab a form or two to take care of a specific legal issue they are facing. If that's you, this is the place to be. We've created template forms for many of the most common issues that online entrepreneurs face in their businesses. These forms were created with online entrepreneurs in mind, so they have provisions that are specific to your business. 

Protect Your Website

As an online entrepreneur, your website is your home base on the web. You need three core legal policies to protect it - a Terms of Use, a Privacy Policy, and a Disclaimer. These policies help you to meet certain legal obligations, set out the basic agreement between you and web visitors, and protect you from unnecessary disputes.

Protect Your Courses & Programs

You've poured your heart, soul, and know-how into creating an amazing online course, membership site, or online program! Now it's time to protect it. You need an Online Program Agreement to make sure you get paid, to set the ground rules for participants, and to prevent the participants from stealing your amazing content.

Protect Your Client Relationships

If you work one-on-one with clients, your relationships with those clients are critical to your business. You need to create a standard written client agreement to protect those relationships. Your Client Agreement helps make sure you are on the same page,  avoid disputes, and  provide a quick and easy way to resolve any disputes that arise. 

Protect Your Secret Sauce

Your business is full of valuable, confidential information. Things like your customer list, your CRM database, and your special way of doing whatever it is you do. If you share that information with others, it could be at risk. Confidentiality agreements let you share the information confidently, knowing it will remain safe.  

Work With Contractors Safely

When you hire an outside contractor - a designer, a virtual assistant, an ads manager, etc. - you need to make sure you have a written agreement that sets out the basic terms. Your Independent Contractor Agreement will make sure the contractor treats your confidential information right and will ensure that you own the work product they create.

Hire Employees Safely

Hiring an employee is a big step! It's not a step you should take without getting some basic written agreements in place. Our Employee Agreement Package includes an offer letter to set expectations, a confidentiality agreement to protect your secrets, and an intellectual property transfer agreement to make sure you own the work.

Set Up Your Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs are an amazing way to generate buzz, sales, and revenue without having to spend money. But before you start recruiting affiliates to promote your products, you need a written affiliate agreement to set the basic terms of your program, to set payment expectations, and to control how your affiliates promote your brand.

Get The Right Permission

Under the "right to publicity," everyone has the right tho choose how their name, image, and likeness is used commercially. This doctrine applies to testimonials, guests on your podcast, guest bloggers, and anyone else whose name you'd like to use in marketing. You need written releases before you start using someone else's name. 

Set Up Your LLC

So you've set up your LLC... kudos to you for taking this important step. You need a written agreement that explains how the LLC will be managed, sets out the ownership structure, and explains the other nuances of the LLC. That's where an LLC Operating Agreement comes into play. It is the written agreement between the LLC and its owners.