Even If They Can't Afford A High-Priced Lawyer


A Business Driven By Core Beliefs

Your Online Genius has one clear purpose: To make it quick and easy for online entrepreneurs to get their legal protection in place so they can spend their time building their businesses rather than worrying about the "legal stuff." This central purpose translates into a set of core beliefs. 

Core Belief 1
Everyone Deserves Peace Of Mind 

Lawyers are expensive. And that has tended to mean that legal protection is only available to entrepreneurs who have made it and can afford to spend a pretty penny on a lawyer. At Your Online Genius, we believe legal peace of mind should not be limited to to those who can afford to hire a lawyer for one-on-one service.

Core Belief 2
Law Isn't Rocket Science

Law isn't all that complicated. Lawyers aren't exactly calculating complex mathematical formulas to put a ship into orbit. Most of what we do is relatively routine and repetitive. A lawyer's main value is knowing what tasks need to be performed. But you don't need us to actually do the work for you in most cases.

Core Belief 3
Information Goes A Long Way

If you've ever watched a sales webinar, you've probably heard someone say "information alone won't save you." While we agree that information isn't enough, we sure do think its a big part of the picture. We believe that we can empower online entrepreneurs who can't afford an attorney to help themselves by giving them the right information and self-explanatory resources. 

Core Belief 4
Businesses Aren't All The Same

Don't worry, we aren't about to start comparing your business to a snowflake. But we do recognize that, as much as online entrepreneurs face the same kinds of problems, each business has different needs. At Your Online Genius, we reject the idea that you should have to pick from one of a handful of options that we chose. We believe that you should have the power.

Beliefs Into Practice...

If you're like me, you're BS detector is probably up about now. We've all seen businesses that have a "mission statement" or "core beliefs" or some other set of platitudes they spout... but that have nothing to do with how the business actually operates.

Well, that's not the case here. These beliefs shape everything about how we've structured Your Online Genius. These core beliefs aren't idle concepts... every time we make a business decision, we consider how it matches up against these beliefs. Here's how they translate into practice.

We Provide Training Materials To Help You Learn

One common theme of the beliefs is that we want to empower YOU to take control of your own business and future. There's no question that YOU can handle your basic legal protection yourself if you have the right information and tools. With that in mind, one of the central aims of Your Online Genius is to arm you with the information you need before you have to make a major purchase decision. That's why you'll find loads of free resources and information on this website, and it's why we offer access to our Membership Site that is chock full of information without forcing you to invest in a thousand-dollar course...

We Don't Try To Pigeonhole Your Or Your Business

Lawyers tend to be know-it-alls. And I'm no exception... For a while, I thought that "Bobby knows best" and planned to offer only a set of pre-designed courses that included forms. But that doesn't match up with our core beliefs... because every business is different. You might need a bundle of forms that I've hand-picked for you... or maybe you need a different set of forms... or maybe you just need one form. The point is, your needs won't necessarily be the same as another entrepreneur's, and I sure can't predict 100% what you will need. So we don't force you to choose between only a couple of pre-selected options. You can grab a bundle we've put together or just grab the forms you need. We empower YOU to make the decisions that are right for your business...

We Focus On Providing You With Affordable Solutions

I remember when I was first starting my business, how I was shocked at the cost of done-for-you services. Faced with these high prices, online entrepreneurs like you and me have gotten pretty good at boot-stapping. When I looked at the do-it-yourself options for online entrepreneurs with respect to legal protection, I was shocked at the costs. I mean, if you were going to pay $1,000 to get templates for your website policies (what some lawyers charge), you might as well hire me to do it for you (seriously... I could create done for you forms at that price!). Look, if you want to hire me to be your lawyer, you are going to have to pay a hefty hourly rate... But if you are willing to do the work yourself using templates, I'm going to make it affordable. That's why our template forms won't cost you an arm and a leg. That doesn't mean these forms aren't high-quality. You'll get the same templates I use as a starting place for my one-on-one engagements, but you don't have to pay for my time to complete them...

Who is Bobby Klinck...

I'm an intellectual property attorney, but I'm not your typical lawyer. Sure, I've got all the right credentials: I went to Harvard Law School, I worked at prestigious law firms, and I was mentored by Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch back when he was just a lawyer.

But you wouldn't know I'm a lawyer by looking at the whiteboard in my office or my bookshelf. My whiteboard doesn’t have anything about the law. Nope, it's filled with tasks related to platform building, inbound marketing, social media, and sales-funnels. My bookshelf is filled with books written by, for, and about online entrepreneurs. 

No, I'm not your typical lawyer. I am an online entrepreneur, whose expertise happens to be the law. 

And I serve other online entrepreneurs by helping them protect their online platforms.

Hi, I'm Bobby Klinck

But It Was't A Direct Path

Tried The Traditional Route, Didn't Like It, Never Going Back...

My path to entrepreneurship wasn't a direct one... Like most entrepreneurs, I had some pit stops along the way. 

I started my career working for traditional "big" law firms. I put on a suit and tried to play the role of “Lawyer Man.” I pulled it off pretty well. But I hated it. Every Stinking Minute Of It.

After a stint as a federal prosecutor, I joined an entrepreneurial law firm... And I've never looked back.

The Persistent Problem...

Working for an entrepreneurial firm for other entrepreneurs was a delight... but I kept running into a common pattern. My clients had made fundamental errors early on (a/k/a before they could afford an attorney).

These early mistakes were legal time bombs that always seemed to haunt my clients later...

Like the time my client discovered that a paperwork mistake from a decade earlier meant they didn't own an invention worth millions. That was not a fun conversation...

Or the times that companies had to rebrand because they didn't run a trademark search when they were getting started.

The other lawyers I knew didn't seem to care, taking the view that if a client couldn't afford to pay for a lawyer, there was nothing they could do. They just chocked it up to a glitch in the system that couldn't be fixed. But I wasn't content to see entrepreneurs underserved. I was determined to find a solution...

The solution came when I quit thinking like a lawyer. . . 

It took me a while to figure it out (I'm a bit ashamed to admit that). My lightbulb moment came with my evolution as an entrepreneur myself. When I first launched my own firm, my marketing sucked because I was thinking like a lawyer. I realized something needed to change, so I went searching. The seismic shift came when I stopped reading marketing books for lawyers and started reading about inbound marketing and online entrepreneurship. 

So I started to build my business using online marketing techniques, but I didn't have the resources to hire someone to do the work for me... so I had to figure it out myself! The key to my success was when I found the right kinds of resources that provided me specific tips, a structure for my thinking, and templates I could use. 

At some point, a light bulb went off in my head. I could use the same techniques to help online entrepreneurs with the legal issues they faced. That realization sparked what would become Your Online Genius. This business is the culmination of my work to create and provide scalable resources to entrepreneurs.

My goal is to provide online entrepreneurs with the tools and resources they need to safeguard their online platforms and to avoid legal disasters, even if they can't afford to hire an attorney.