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Don't let legal mistakes sink your business. In this FREE, on-demand training, you'll discover why you need to take care of your legal stuff, what you need to do exactly, and how to do it yourself. An you even get a 5-part checklist to help!

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Hi, I'm Bobby Klinck. I'm the founder of Your Online Genius. I'm an intellectual property attorney and an online entrepreneur 

In my legal practice, I kept seeing the devastating effects that screw ups from before businesses could afford an attorney were having on them years later. It was infuriating!

Your Online Genius is the solution to that problem. We empower entrepreneurs by teaching them how to put the basic legal protections in place from the outset without having to hire a high-priced lawyer like me. 

I'm not your typical lawyer. 


On the blog, you'll find information that is directly relevant to online entrepreneurs. Some relate to legal topics but others relate to business building. You'll find posts about general business and marketing topics, intellectual property that applies to online entrepreneurs, and reviews of books and tools for entrepreneurs. Click on the link below to go to the blog.


A lot of people would rather learn through listening rather than reading. That's why I created The Online Genius Podcast. Each week, I interview a guest expert who offers advice about building your business and then I throw in a brief legal lesson at the end to make sure your business is protected! Click on the button below to check it out.